Thursday, December 30, 2010

fucK & yEs !!

i consider today is the worst day and the best day of my life hahaha.
today is the worst because i got a fuckin' freakin' fever while playing bowling at wagsa walk and god i almost wana kill myself. my whole body was in pain as if 1000 knives stab me nonstop. my head was as heavy as the mountains and all i could think of was bed bed bed bed and bed. thanks to mama, dye bg ubt demam, otherwise da pengsan da.

despite all the freakishly fuckin things that had happened to me, i also consider today is the best day of my life bkoz , hes back. hahahaha, cant wait to hear his story and since its already late so my plan has to be postpone till tomorrow and god ! please make it worth it.

so until tomorrow then,


p/s : rindu dye, rindu dye , rindu dyeeeee! i miss you like crazy babe haha

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