Thursday, December 30, 2010

whAt iF . .

it's thursday, and i'm as nervous as hell here. i don't expect for him to understand but i just want him to know, that's all. i thought i could get rid of the nervous by sending my brother to school but as usual, i woke up late again. puufh ,

the plan for today is that i have a bowling tournament with my cousins and a very annoying uncle who think he is better then anyone. im kinda broke, haha so i m thinking about how to pau my uncle to buy me a pair of slippers . you see, at college i always forgot to buy me self a new slippers just because i kinda thought it wasn't that important.

anyway , life as i know it is about to change . i love 6 but i dont put a high hope on him bcoz i know that he'll say "it's better if we be frens"  .i just want him to know how i feel , thats all. huhu

its funny, im having a huge crush on 6 but at the same time a kid kinda have a crush on me. and im dont know if i should be thnkful or confuse. haha, but the kid is kinda fun to be with, we txt a lot, and i mean a lot , like from day in to day out hahaha. so perhaps i should be thankful for i have a choice to make and not feel guilty about it


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