Monday, December 27, 2010

gUilt . .

i always watch a movies where there are people who want to get to know somebody but dont know how. and then their bestfriend said that

"maybe u should get to know his/her bestfriend first before you want to know his/her you like..." 

so , i kinda take that seriously and what happened was i kinda made the one who i like jealous of whats going on between the bestfriend and me. and now, probably , just assuming, dia marah kot. errr how r?

but the tactic works you know, i got the chance to know the 1 i like a little bit deeper like ape dye suke n tak suke but tak sangka dia jeles


P/s - i tot by being close to partner dye would somehow lead me more closer to dye tapiii, turn out not.

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