Wednesday, December 29, 2010

deviL's Pit

it has been a while since the last time i throw myself in the devil's layer  . the experience was unexplainable. you become who want to become. nobody's ignoring you. for once, you are at the center stage with everyone lifting their hands in the sky cheering for you and your partner . it used to be a night of a lifetime.

and yesterday, i relive that night again with my friend . just the 2 of us and let me make it abundantly clear here, my friend is not gay. not until yesterday hahaha! we decide to go to The Opera and Euphoria at sunway. we started at 10pm and god! it was the best ride of my entire life. since it has been a while i didnt go there so i thought i should start it slow, but my friend has a better idea, i should just kick the hell out of it and so i did.

and so we dance~ ;)

the next thing i remember was that my friend was so drunk , i had to take him home myself..
anyway, that was the most refreshing thing i've ever did since i went into college and that wont be the last time.
The Opera


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