Saturday, December 25, 2010

whaT's g0ing on ! ? . .

Ok, I notice that you are trying to make it up to me. but im sory dad, you clearly said it to me trice that you will pay me my the same amount as if I were working that night . dad, u knew that I will choose working rather than having dinner with yan and uncle nan’s family , that’s why you say such a thing so that I can be persuaded and I know I shouldn’t go . the only reason I went to the dinner is because you said that you will pay me , otherwise I would just go to work that night.

Now, you are taking me to your cousin’s wedding, which I abundantly said that I don’t want to go in the first place but you kept on  saying “ lets go lah, lets go lah…” ok fine I follow you but this won’t change anything, I still want my money. Its not that im broke, I have money but its my scholarship money, I don’t want to use that money, it was given for study purpose so I shouldn’t use it on entertainment aren’t i? thats why I was so excited when my manager called me and ask me to go to work.

Dad, you didnt pay me yet, and you wouldn’t let me go out to kl ? wat is going on here? Why all of a sudden you treat me like I am a sloppy high school student (no offence for those who are) . dad please la,

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