Thursday, December 30, 2010

fucK & yEs !!

i consider today is the worst day and the best day of my life hahaha.
today is the worst because i got a fuckin' freakin' fever while playing bowling at wagsa walk and god i almost wana kill myself. my whole body was in pain as if 1000 knives stab me nonstop. my head was as heavy as the mountains and all i could think of was bed bed bed bed and bed. thanks to mama, dye bg ubt demam, otherwise da pengsan da.

despite all the freakishly fuckin things that had happened to me, i also consider today is the best day of my life bkoz , hes back. hahahaha, cant wait to hear his story and since its already late so my plan has to be postpone till tomorrow and god ! please make it worth it.

so until tomorrow then,


p/s : rindu dye, rindu dye , rindu dyeeeee! i miss you like crazy babe haha

whAt iF . .

it's thursday, and i'm as nervous as hell here. i don't expect for him to understand but i just want him to know, that's all. i thought i could get rid of the nervous by sending my brother to school but as usual, i woke up late again. puufh ,

the plan for today is that i have a bowling tournament with my cousins and a very annoying uncle who think he is better then anyone. im kinda broke, haha so i m thinking about how to pau my uncle to buy me a pair of slippers . you see, at college i always forgot to buy me self a new slippers just because i kinda thought it wasn't that important.

anyway , life as i know it is about to change . i love 6 but i dont put a high hope on him bcoz i know that he'll say "it's better if we be frens"  .i just want him to know how i feel , thats all. huhu

its funny, im having a huge crush on 6 but at the same time a kid kinda have a crush on me. and im dont know if i should be thnkful or confuse. haha, but the kid is kinda fun to be with, we txt a lot, and i mean a lot , like from day in to day out hahaha. so perhaps i should be thankful for i have a choice to make and not feel guilty about it


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

tomOrrow . .

fuh , 
i have never felt so nervous in my life before. tomorrow is going to be the day. the problem is , i need to figure it out when is the best time to say it out loud that i love you!!!! 

i know theres gonna be a long "silent war" between us. i hope that its not gonna prolong until 1 moment where the both of us stop contacting each other. but somehow , i know that , this is not gonna end up well,  and for sure he'll say no. 

but wat the hell, its better to tell then to hold it up in my guts until i can no longer hold it ait?


deviL's Pit

it has been a while since the last time i throw myself in the devil's layer  . the experience was unexplainable. you become who want to become. nobody's ignoring you. for once, you are at the center stage with everyone lifting their hands in the sky cheering for you and your partner . it used to be a night of a lifetime.

and yesterday, i relive that night again with my friend . just the 2 of us and let me make it abundantly clear here, my friend is not gay. not until yesterday hahaha! we decide to go to The Opera and Euphoria at sunway. we started at 10pm and god! it was the best ride of my entire life. since it has been a while i didnt go there so i thought i should start it slow, but my friend has a better idea, i should just kick the hell out of it and so i did.

and so we dance~ ;)

the next thing i remember was that my friend was so drunk , i had to take him home myself..
anyway, that was the most refreshing thing i've ever did since i went into college and that wont be the last time.
The Opera


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

1 day baRu . .

hmm, it has just been 1 day . actly x sampai 24 hours pun dye g vacation but haih, already miss that budak kecik hahaha, i just wish that he know it was him that we talk about just now. yes, somehow, i have feelin for him and im gonna tell him once he get back from his holiday. i dont want to be syok sendiri. he knows who i am and if he do understand then he will decline in a proper manner and i'll respect him . but that is not what i want.. i do hope he say something that only i dream of.

im waiting my dear friend.


Monday, December 27, 2010

dup dAp . .

im home alone again today, father went to work early in the morning and i am here all alone in my house. nana n mazni at college, no transport to go out, wow! what could be more boring then today.

so, i woke up at 10 today and i knew that today is going to be the day that i will tell 6 about how i felt.
the reason today is because 6 is going to be busy for the rest of the week so i dont want to wait until next week to tell 6 about it. as soon after i ate my breakfast or should say brunch since it was already 1pm when i ate . then i open my trusty old lappy and connect it to my desktop which is something my fren in college taught me , kinda cool though , you have a combined two pc screen haha

anyway, to my surprise that 6 was still on9 i thought that 6 would be busy handling all the stuff. so we start o chat then just as im about to tell 6, something happened and i was goshylishly surprise and stunned and u name it!! i was so shock by what 6 asked me. he ask me, who is 6 .. can u imagine how exaggerating when he ask me that question,. so, i acted cool as if i dont know anything haha thank god. but turned out i dont have the guts to tell 6 about it..

so i have to wait till next week bkoz i dont wanna disturb 6 . anyway im quite pelik koz lately ramai lak org keep on showed up in my life and somehow, the feelings of loneliness is fading away .thanks danny, mizi, u guys sorta ease my problem huhu .

so after that i started to listen to michael buble's songs . i dont know why, his voice is soooo angelic. it enhance my love towards 6 actually haha. then i decide to sing along to all of his songs, in other words i karok his songs alone in my house hahaha i shouted my heart out kot.


anyTime now . .

have you ever realize that we were given
two hands to hold
to ears to listen
two legs to walk
two eyes to see

why do we only have one heart?
its because the other one was given to someone
for us to find.


black mOnday . .

nothing are more frustrating and boring then having to  spend the rest of the day home alone. but having the whole house by myself is actually like a dream come true. i can do whatever i want whenever i want.

so the plan for today is that m planning to become Jamie Oliver jr. haha! i just love to cook. it keeps me occupied and forget about the loneliness , the sorrow and the guilt . somehow cooking has become a passion to me. am i suppose to be a chef? 

but i still feel guilty for what i've done and being home alone only makes the guiltiness worst . i hope he'll forgive me, i didn't mean to make him feel jealous or anything, i just wana have fun and get to know him better. i am so so so so so sory buddy. 

gUilt . .

i always watch a movies where there are people who want to get to know somebody but dont know how. and then their bestfriend said that

"maybe u should get to know his/her bestfriend first before you want to know his/her you like..." 

so , i kinda take that seriously and what happened was i kinda made the one who i like jealous of whats going on between the bestfriend and me. and now, probably , just assuming, dia marah kot. errr how r?

but the tactic works you know, i got the chance to know the 1 i like a little bit deeper like ape dye suke n tak suke but tak sangka dia jeles


P/s - i tot by being close to partner dye would somehow lead me more closer to dye tapiii, turn out not.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

iM feelin' goOd !

Birds flying high
You know how I feel
Sun in the sky
You know how I feel
Reeds driftin' on by
You know how I feel
It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life
For me
And I'm feeling good

Fish in the sea
You know how I feel
River running free
You know how I feel
Blossom in the tree
You know how I feel
It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life
For me
And I'm feeling good

Dragonfly out in the sun you know what I mean, don't you know
Butterflies all havin' fun you know what I mean
Sleep in peace when the day is done, that's what I mean
And this old world is a new world
And a bold world
For me

Stars when you shine
You know how I feel
Scent of the pine
You know how I feel
Yeah freedom is mine
And I know how I feel
It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life

for me 

And I'm feeling good

Original sIn . .

should i be damn for being who i am? for i thought people have the right to choose freely. if being who i am makes me a sinner then let the angle come and banish me from this world for i will not be someone i am not just for the sake of the balance within this world. afraid i shall not and fend for myself i will. a sinner i might be, but better a truthful sinner then those who commit sins but nvr admit them.

" don't be afraid of others judging you, because they don't know anything about you "

here ye , here ye!
i am a sinner that bound for hell . the wrongful that i've done is by being myself . if being myself makes me happy then please, send me to the deepest hell ever existed.


bur0ng anto . .

urrrgh, never in my life i stayed up almost 24 hours. that was the first time and i think the start of something new. thanks iesz hahaha. giler ko en tgh2 malm g ajak kuar. anyway, i just wish that we could have reach sunway a bit earlier . nie sampai2 da tutp. hape je.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

hAppiness In sorr0w ~.~

Dengan berat hatinye n berbekalkan kepakaran berlakon jadi baik, I agree to follow you to ur cousin’s daughter’s wedding. At first ,I thought I want to go there and eat and just mind my own business , not talking to others just to show my father that I really don’t want to follow him. the wedding was held at taman melawati. We arrived there exactly 12.00pm and to my surprise it was chaos!! Seriously, the food was still cooking, the water was not on the table, everything was a mess! Thank god the DJ knows how to entertain the guest that  I bet r stressfully waiting for the food and drinks to be ready.

So, I pick a table that is close to the buffet table so that I could be the first to dig in once the foods are ready. I haven’t ate breakfast , so I was damn starving that time. It took them 1 hour to prep the dishes and evryting so after all were set, I shamelessly walk to the buffet table to eat and maN!! The rice were not cook properly, it was more like nasik lembek yg mmg terlebih air. So I skip the rice and I just grab all the other dishes. Urghhh! Dah la nasik lembek, siap lambat, lauk pun x sedap, I was like, wadafuuuuk! I knew I shouldn’t have come.

After finish eating, something speechless happened. I met with the most goshing , awwwing, amazing human being on earth. Actly, I met 3 of them hehehe, one was tall, black shiny hair, blue slim-fit shirt n jeans, gosh I could swear that the boredom was puff! Gone just like that. Mierul tgk je dia once a while, comel nyeerrr! Tu je yg mierul piker time uh ahahaha, then suddenly sorang lagi dtg, gosh!! Lagi la cute, hot plak uh!! Kinda my tall, white, blue eyes ( contact I think) , a bit of curly hair. But this time, dia yg asyik tgk2 mierul, kite nak tgk dye balek malu hahaha, takot nanti berlawan mate so I just watch from afar. Ok , by this time I was no longer sory I went there, I sat on the corner of the tent overlooking them both and then god sent another angel to accompany me, this time ok, she maybe kinda boyish but I like a gurl that have that sort of attitude. she is the only person out of the 3 that I know the name. her name is farah form 5. Hahaha . she wore blue short sleeve shirt with jeans and flippers. Haha cute huh! And she also kept looking at me after she notice I was looking at her of course. So I change my seat so that I could see all the 3 of them . hahahaha by this time, I was sooo happy that I told my father “baba, balek petang nanti r yeh” . giler larh, I couldn’t believe I said that … so I watch them and watch them and kept on watching . one of them was incharge of clearing the table so, I have a chance see how dia kemas meja n all that haha,

Then tengah2 happy tetibe ade pak cik nieh, “ eh sini jap.. ok this is your job from now on( sambil bg pinggan untuk basoh)” I was like , wadahuuul! Ape nie? Kenal pun tidak soh org wat kje? Huh? Whats going on ? ok ok ok , piker dye org tue, respect je la. But ok la, dpt keje ngn yg sorng uh. Hahaha even x berckp but dye cam tlg2 la pass me the plates and all that. Then after 30 minutes, I said to myself. Wow enuf la. U r the guest here man, kan?. So I went back to the tent and sambung usha dorang 3 uh haha. But the 1 yg impress me was farah, she was cute, Boyish, and she called her father “bro” haha how cool was that kan?

Unfortunately for me , all of them are my blood relatives so, i was sooooooo damn melepas haha. Kenape lah kite family ?? kalo tak da lame “nak nombor” . haha  anyway, dlm x suke n x nak pergi tuh ade gak happiness yg makes me a bit happy that day. Despite how my father still stalling from paying me my money.


whaT's g0ing on ! ? . .

Ok, I notice that you are trying to make it up to me. but im sory dad, you clearly said it to me trice that you will pay me my the same amount as if I were working that night . dad, u knew that I will choose working rather than having dinner with yan and uncle nan’s family , that’s why you say such a thing so that I can be persuaded and I know I shouldn’t go . the only reason I went to the dinner is because you said that you will pay me , otherwise I would just go to work that night.

Now, you are taking me to your cousin’s wedding, which I abundantly said that I don’t want to go in the first place but you kept on  saying “ lets go lah, lets go lah…” ok fine I follow you but this won’t change anything, I still want my money. Its not that im broke, I have money but its my scholarship money, I don’t want to use that money, it was given for study purpose so I shouldn’t use it on entertainment aren’t i? thats why I was so excited when my manager called me and ask me to go to work.

Dad, you didnt pay me yet, and you wouldn’t let me go out to kl ? wat is going on here? Why all of a sudden you treat me like I am a sloppy high school student (no offence for those who are) . dad please la,

i kNew it . .

Fuck you!!

i knew this will happen i just knew it but i was naive enough to fall for it!!

fuck giler!!! benggang nyer!! god knows how pissed off i am right now. he told me that he will pay me back the same amount that suppose to get if i were to go to work that night but NO! u didnt. ayah ke tak , you still o me that money.. i went to that dinner just for the sake of you said that you want to pay me but in the end you didnt. i know i should just go to work tht night n forget about the dinner.


ok just to show how much i like n love "dia", this is what i meant when i say that i wrote 3000++ word essay about it,
btw, i've edited it for privacy sake n "dia" has been change to "6" just as a clue of who i am talking about. if you know who. please , do tell me. i wanna know. hahaha


I have a friend whos name is 6 and I have a gigantic crush on 6. I met 6 online through myspace and we’ve been chatting for almost a year and finally I met 6 . So I was so excited to met 6, I dressed as best as I can.  I know 6 is cute but man, 6 is way cuter in person. 6 is just as tall as I m and 6 childish character really reflects who I am and that kind of character is what makes me fall in love to 6 . We spend the night together walking around KL and that is the best night I’ve ever had. We talked about each other’s background. That night will be forever last in my memory. Ever since I met 6, I somehow can’t get 6 out of my mind, I kept thinking about 6. Could it be that I’m in love with 6? But 6 has a partner and I don’t want to disturb that, but 6 is so nice to me and so cute. 6 always acted cute in front of me. God I miss 6 so much!!. After knowing that I’m going to be continuing my study before 6 does, I tried to spend as much time with 6, and I never felt much better doing it. I take 6 to watch late night movies, fine dining, shopping. I really think I’m in love with 6. But I know I can’t, so I keep our relationship as very very close friends and I think 6 got that. The feelings that I had whenever I met 6 is just mind blowing. I felt like there are fireworks exploding inside of me, like the 4th of July party was inside me nonstop. It’s not only when we met, but in fact whenever we text each other or call each other, I felt soooooo excited and happy and happy. So happy that I can’t even sleep thinking about what we just talk about. I know I love 6, and I really want to express that word to him. “I love you 6”. If only I have the guts to do that and the perfect place and time to do that, I will do it. And I know, 1 day I will say it to 6 that I love 6. I will express to 6 about how 6 makes me feel and thank 6 about that. I never been so happy when Im around 6 and I seriously can’t stop thinking about 6. I miss 6 so much. Even though we just finish call each other, but I feel like I want to call 6 back and just keep talking and just forget about the world. I feel like I want to take 6 out, have the most perfect romantic dinner with 6, buy 6 presents and gifts, shopping with 6 and talk to 6 just about anything. Even when I’m with my brother, I never felt like this. 6, there will come a time where I will express to you about everything I felt about you and how you make me feel. I love you and nothing else matters. Every word that 6 said or anything that 6 did, make me feels something. Especially when 6 did or said something funny or cute, OMG I just can’t help it from being so in love with 6. =)
            It’s Wednesday, and I miss 6 already although 6 just called me 2 days ago. I don’t know why this is happening to me. But I really want to have a relationship with 6. A serious relationship. I want to be able to call 6 every day, text 6 every hour, say I love you to 6 every morning. But 6 did once tell me that 6 didn’t really like to contact somebody too often because it might make 6 feel no longer miss that someone. I understand bout that so that’s why I’m willing to do anything for 6 whenever we met. I love 6 and I want to show it to 6. I wanna take 6 for dinner that day but with my friends present, I don’t think so. I am sorry 6. I love you 6. You are only person in this world that I can be myself with. With you, I feel free, I feel like I’m me and I like that feelings 6. I just wish that I can be with you forever so that I can have that kind of feelings with me alive. You see 6, that kind of freeness inside of me become alive whenever I’m with you. You are the only reason why I’m still alive 6. 6, as much as these feelings keep me alive, it’s also killing me slowly hun, I don’t know how much longer I can hold this thought to myself. I really want to express it all out to you baby it’s just that I know u will get hurt if you know about it and I don’t want that. I want t o see you as happy as you are. I love you 6 and I can’t stop saying that. If only I could tell it to every human being about it, I will. I love you 6, I love you so much more than anything in my entire life seriously. I am willing to give up anything for you 6. 6, I am really sorry for what I’ve done. I know by having this feelings towards you makes you kinda want to avoid me, I understand that because I’ve been there before. But I just can’t help it babe I want to call you sayang, boo, bby =). 6, I have a crush on you and I want you to know but I know I can’t let you know. That’s why I express everything in here. I hope by expressing it, would ease my feelings towards you. But you know what, it’s actually make it worse. I miss you like crazy baby. I need you, I want to hold your hands, I want to hug you and never let you go. You have become my purpose to live 6. I don’t care what they gonna say or what they gonna do 6, but I’m gonna be with you. You are everything to me 6, you bring me joy and happiness and you are the only one who can do that.


            6, your cuteness, your childishness, your uniqueness and your everything is acting like a magnet to me. It keeps on pulling my north towards you sayang and I can’t overcome this force of nature. 6, as much as I love you, I also hate you. I hate you because you make me feel im guilty of loving you. I want to love you 6 but u know I can’t, that’s why I hate you so much 6. I’m so sorry 6. To tell you the truth 6, I am willing to give up just about anything to stop loving you but im also willing to give up my life for you 6. That is how much I love you 6. It’s 2.40am right now and I can’t sleep thinking about you. I’m thinking about how to tell you that I love you more than ever. I am sleepy but I just don’t want to go to sleep. I don’t want to sleep because im afraid the feelings that im having tonight will go away tomorrow morning. I don’t want it to go away 6, I want to feel like this as long as I live. I want this feeling to stay alive inside of me so that I could live my life as a very happy person. do you remember 6, I once told you that at college I had to acted as a good person and not myself and I told you that it’s kinda torturing, well, I don’t want to feel like that anymore 6. Thinking about you makes me happy, just by thinking about you. When you call me or texted me, I was even more than happy, I became excited. U excites me 6. Like I said before, I’m alive because of you. 6, before I met you in person, I was nobody. My relationship with you leong was never good. But once I’ve met you, everything change, I started to have some sort of energy or aura that give me the enthusiasm to live and to enjoy life as it is.

            6, its already 3.30am and I’m still writing this, i am not trying to make you feel uncomfortable or disturb by this but I just want to tell you how I felt n how you make me feel. If I could asked for anything from god, I would ask him to fasten the time to the point we meet in the future, I really want to meet you again 6. Hang out as we did before. And I also want to ask god to stop the time from running as we both having the moment of our life together. I want us to have a jolly good time together without the interference of anything or anyone anyhow. 6, If only I could turn back time, I will return to the night we first met. It was amazing that time. Even though we kinda shy toward each other, but I had a blast!! It was a night to remember. Every moment I spend time with you is a priceless memory that I’ll forever treasure. Did you know 6 that every morning when I wakes up, the first thing I do is that I look at my cell phones and hoping that somewhere during the night you would text me. I miss you so much 6, I’m willing stay awake the whole night just thinking about you 6. I love you so much!!

            I’m on a bus on route to KL right now, I hope that I could meet you tomorrow. I miss you so much 6, always and forever. I never had a friend like you and never will I have another one if you leave me. U are unique 6. You have your own way of living your life and I like people who have that sort of principle. I want to be friends with you forever 6.

            Hype 6, it has been a while since the last time I wrote the last paragraph, it’s not because I don’t miss you , but it’s actually I’m trying to control my emotion towards you. But I can’t. I’m writing this because I want to express it to you but I can’t. I’m afraid that the friendship that we are having now will go to waste just like that. I don’t want to ruin anything that is going on between us. I know that you may think that I am stalking you or something, but trust me, I am not stalking you. If I am stalking you, I’ll be giving you 100 miscall or 100 text messages. I am not stalking you 6. 6, since You Leong stop contacting me, my life is totally empty. I really thought that there is nothing in life for me anymore, in fact I actually thought about killing myself. But then I remember my friends, I remember you, especially you. The thought of you , save my life. 6, I might sounded like a maniac obsess person or something but please understand that I am not. This is who I am, I am a person that needs someone to talk to, I need someone that I can share everything about my life. When I was with you leong , he always share with me what he had been through for the week and I will tell him mine. It might sound crazy but that is how much we loved each other. But again, if you realize I wrote it all in past tenses. It is all gone now. I don’t have anyone to talk to, at all. I can’t wait to meet you 6. But I still can’t decide whether to explain to you about this or to just print this out and give it to you for you to read.

I give anything just to have one more night with you 6, in fact, I’ll give my all for your love. You make everything seems to be so easy 6. I don’t know if u ever try to please me but u know what, somehow, u always do. It’s the way you make me feel 6. It’s the only feelings that I can’t express it in any words or language. I’ve made wrong turn once or twice before but I know this is not one of that bad decision. Knowing you is the best thing that have ever happen to me. To me, you are perfect in every way 6. 6 I am so fall in love with you. You light up heart that was once as dark as the deepest hell. You give me the will to carry on and every time I feel down or gloomy, I just think of you and all of my misery will just be gone just like that. I need you 6, I love you 6. 6, I just texted you saying that I missed you, and I don’t know how exactly you felt about it because your reply text seem like you was surprise that I say something like that to you. But yet again, I don’t know. I just assuming. But the way you text with me although it’s just a couple of messages but you seems kinda change, but again I don’t know the truth and I just assuming, and I’m sorry if I assumed wrong. It’s just that I misses you 6, so much that I could give you anything that u ask of me. Even if you want me to stop contacting you, as long as It’s makes you happy, I will back down. I know that I don’t know you like how your friends do but somehow, your openness attract me and I feel relax and myself when I’m with you. I don’t want to see you sad or down or having a negative feelings, because you are a happy person I can see that and being happy makes others around you happy. 6 , you are like a light that never dies and always there to brighten up anyone that is feeling down or filled with darkness. I like you 6, just the way you are.

Love songs have been my constant companion since the day I met you. Listening to it makes me smile and filled with joy, I feel like I wanna jump, feel like im flying like those birds migrating from country to country, soaring above the sky. I know this feeling is crazy 6 and I am really sorry for this. If I have the power to make it go away, trust me I will do it immediately. I don’t want your life to suffer 6. I want to see you happy, always.
Ok seems that I was wrong, I just chat with you through facebook and how happy I am to know that you are still yourself although with a bit of secrecy but everybody has it right? Hahaha. Anyway, even though it was a short chat, I found myself fill with happiness. I hope you to. Chatting with you just makes me feel anxious to meet you babe. I seriously can’t wait.

6. I like your name, it’s simple yet cute and also easy to remember. Just like you. Cute, simple person, and are truly memorable. Babe! I can’t help it, if only I know you just a bit more , then probably I won’t be writing this all. Did you know that ever since we’ve met, I can’t stop thinking about you and every time I think of you I smiled, sometimes I even laugh by myself. I don’t even care what other people want to say, im happy when im with you, that’s what important. You are the most beautiful person I’ve ever met. Both inside and out. I do sometimes felt like you hate me or thinking that I’m so disturbing, so I apologize for that if I’ve ever made you feel like that. All I wanted to do is to be close to you, that’s all. I wanna be with you 6 if only for a night, to be the one who’s in your arm. I don’t know how long I can hold this feeling anymore.

chrisTmas . . dan diA

its already 1.22am , 25th december, merry christmas everyone ;)  the Christian believe that during Christmas, especially christmas eve family should be together and just have fun , make up the christmas tree and listen to the christmas songs. but im sitting here in my room, infront of my laptop listening to love songs. watahell kan?! love songs during christmas, in the middle of the night bagus nyer~.

well, maybe its because i miss dia so much kot. who is "dia"? haha lets just say that i have a humongous crush on that person and that person is my friend. ;)

yea, i miss dia sgt sgt. in college, before i went to sleep , i always make sure that i dont listen to any love songs bkoz it will evoke the feeling of missing dia. i tried to hate dia, but the more i hate dia, the more i love dia. but i dont want to ruin the friendship that we are having rite now. i just wish that dia tau how much dia brightens up my life.

to me, dia is like the brightest light that shine in the darkest moment of my life. i was drown by loneliness, despair and darkness. then , dia save me. i always happy whenever i with dia. even hearing dia's voice makes me happy for the rest of the day. i cant stop thinking about dia.

i even wrote so far a 3000++ word essay about dia and how dia make me feel about dia. dia's character is what attract me to like dia. dia is cute, sensible, always jumpin around and know how to make people laugh. hahahaha, i'll never forget how dia make me laugh when the first time we met in kl. i miss that moment. even though kl is bz but during that time, the only thing in my mind is dia.

should i say i love you to dia? should i ? i really dont want to ruin our friendship. im afraid that dia will think im obsess with dia. but i am obsess about dia. i want dia to be by my side evrytime im down n lonely . i want dia to say "dont worry, everything going to alright" to me whenever im sad. i want dia to be apart of me.

omg! i think i am obsess with dia. ok im gonna stop before i went all crazy . but i wont stop thinking about

DIA ...

Friday, December 24, 2010

tHem . .

i think its easier to say that i am addicted to talk to someone , but not just anyone. it must be someone who are close to me, like you leong. he was more then a best friend to me. he was my brother. yet , he "was". my ex-clas mate, nana n mazni. i treat them both as my sisters. whenever we are together, nothing else matter. as if the world is ours to own. we laugh , we have fun, we even cried together.

somehow, you leong, nana and mazni are the only person that i can trust and rely on. that is before i went to college.

kmkn, as much as i want to burn that college down, i admit that there are no other colleges that can beat kmkn. before i went to that college, i met somebody online. somebody that actually changed how i live my life in some way. his name is Mohd Fauzi, pojie for short. (he is short btw), hahahaha..anyway, ever since i knew him, i suddenly realize that there are tons of things that i dont even know exist in this world. for example, i never heard of smk cochrane and pirates before i met him. how pathetic rite ?  he is the kind of friend that i think everybody is wishing for. hes fun, hyper and just fun! haha. the fact that he is a cheerleader i think is why he is always energetic n hyper n fun all the times. ;p . i consider myself very lucky to hv known him bekoz, with him around, all the sorrow and sadness seems to disappear. he knows how to make people happy and he nvr fail to cheer me up whenever im down. thanks pojie!

you leong, nana, mazni and pojie, u guys are the best! i am willing to gave up evrything just for you guys. i hope that we still be frens no matter what . MMmmmmUUahh!

from right- nana n mazni, pojie, you leong ahaha! u guys are sooo cute.

the Y . .

Ok, my official first blog post. my name is amierul shabir bin hariri, i was born 1st november in ipoh and now staying in serdang. I consider myself a very sophisticated person. Complicated, sophisticated yet simple. the fact that i have a lot to say but dont know to whom , evoke me to make a blog so that i can express it all out in here ;) so i pretty sure that my blog is going to be my closest companion from now on. so for you followers , feel free to check out my blog , for i will update it everyday without exception. .