Monday, December 27, 2010

dup dAp . .

im home alone again today, father went to work early in the morning and i am here all alone in my house. nana n mazni at college, no transport to go out, wow! what could be more boring then today.

so, i woke up at 10 today and i knew that today is going to be the day that i will tell 6 about how i felt.
the reason today is because 6 is going to be busy for the rest of the week so i dont want to wait until next week to tell 6 about it. as soon after i ate my breakfast or should say brunch since it was already 1pm when i ate . then i open my trusty old lappy and connect it to my desktop which is something my fren in college taught me , kinda cool though , you have a combined two pc screen haha

anyway, to my surprise that 6 was still on9 i thought that 6 would be busy handling all the stuff. so we start o chat then just as im about to tell 6, something happened and i was goshylishly surprise and stunned and u name it!! i was so shock by what 6 asked me. he ask me, who is 6 .. can u imagine how exaggerating when he ask me that question,. so, i acted cool as if i dont know anything haha thank god. but turned out i dont have the guts to tell 6 about it..

so i have to wait till next week bkoz i dont wanna disturb 6 . anyway im quite pelik koz lately ramai lak org keep on showed up in my life and somehow, the feelings of loneliness is fading away .thanks danny, mizi, u guys sorta ease my problem huhu .

so after that i started to listen to michael buble's songs . i dont know why, his voice is soooo angelic. it enhance my love towards 6 actually haha. then i decide to sing along to all of his songs, in other words i karok his songs alone in my house hahaha i shouted my heart out kot.


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