Saturday, December 25, 2010

hAppiness In sorr0w ~.~

Dengan berat hatinye n berbekalkan kepakaran berlakon jadi baik, I agree to follow you to ur cousin’s daughter’s wedding. At first ,I thought I want to go there and eat and just mind my own business , not talking to others just to show my father that I really don’t want to follow him. the wedding was held at taman melawati. We arrived there exactly 12.00pm and to my surprise it was chaos!! Seriously, the food was still cooking, the water was not on the table, everything was a mess! Thank god the DJ knows how to entertain the guest that  I bet r stressfully waiting for the food and drinks to be ready.

So, I pick a table that is close to the buffet table so that I could be the first to dig in once the foods are ready. I haven’t ate breakfast , so I was damn starving that time. It took them 1 hour to prep the dishes and evryting so after all were set, I shamelessly walk to the buffet table to eat and maN!! The rice were not cook properly, it was more like nasik lembek yg mmg terlebih air. So I skip the rice and I just grab all the other dishes. Urghhh! Dah la nasik lembek, siap lambat, lauk pun x sedap, I was like, wadafuuuuk! I knew I shouldn’t have come.

After finish eating, something speechless happened. I met with the most goshing , awwwing, amazing human being on earth. Actly, I met 3 of them hehehe, one was tall, black shiny hair, blue slim-fit shirt n jeans, gosh I could swear that the boredom was puff! Gone just like that. Mierul tgk je dia once a while, comel nyeerrr! Tu je yg mierul piker time uh ahahaha, then suddenly sorang lagi dtg, gosh!! Lagi la cute, hot plak uh!! Kinda my tall, white, blue eyes ( contact I think) , a bit of curly hair. But this time, dia yg asyik tgk2 mierul, kite nak tgk dye balek malu hahaha, takot nanti berlawan mate so I just watch from afar. Ok , by this time I was no longer sory I went there, I sat on the corner of the tent overlooking them both and then god sent another angel to accompany me, this time ok, she maybe kinda boyish but I like a gurl that have that sort of attitude. she is the only person out of the 3 that I know the name. her name is farah form 5. Hahaha . she wore blue short sleeve shirt with jeans and flippers. Haha cute huh! And she also kept looking at me after she notice I was looking at her of course. So I change my seat so that I could see all the 3 of them . hahahaha by this time, I was sooo happy that I told my father “baba, balek petang nanti r yeh” . giler larh, I couldn’t believe I said that … so I watch them and watch them and kept on watching . one of them was incharge of clearing the table so, I have a chance see how dia kemas meja n all that haha,

Then tengah2 happy tetibe ade pak cik nieh, “ eh sini jap.. ok this is your job from now on( sambil bg pinggan untuk basoh)” I was like , wadahuuul! Ape nie? Kenal pun tidak soh org wat kje? Huh? Whats going on ? ok ok ok , piker dye org tue, respect je la. But ok la, dpt keje ngn yg sorng uh. Hahaha even x berckp but dye cam tlg2 la pass me the plates and all that. Then after 30 minutes, I said to myself. Wow enuf la. U r the guest here man, kan?. So I went back to the tent and sambung usha dorang 3 uh haha. But the 1 yg impress me was farah, she was cute, Boyish, and she called her father “bro” haha how cool was that kan?

Unfortunately for me , all of them are my blood relatives so, i was sooooooo damn melepas haha. Kenape lah kite family ?? kalo tak da lame “nak nombor” . haha  anyway, dlm x suke n x nak pergi tuh ade gak happiness yg makes me a bit happy that day. Despite how my father still stalling from paying me my money.


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