Saturday, January 1, 2011

something To remEmber . .

gosh! im at KMKN already?? kenape cepat sgt la mase berlalu ni... hmm

anyway, it wasnt that hard for me to leave since my hope of seeing my best fren b4 i go has been fulfill, thanks pojie for the shirt i love it so much , it is priceless babe =))

the only thing that i regret is that when all my frens were celebrating in the clubs i was on board a bus on route to Kuala Nerang. to me, it just so wrong . the fb home page was fill with people updating their status about how amazing the party and the countdown was. i was actually quite amazed y most people went to La Queen last nite. haha nampak sgt mmg da nak kiamat.

but thanks to daniel, tak de la boring dalam bas tu. =))


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