Sunday, January 16, 2011

time t0 mAke misTakeS . . .

when we were young , people used to ask

"what do you want to be when you grow up?" 

and we said 
"pilot, lawyer,the prime minister, ..."

then when we get more mature, they asked again, and we said

"engineer, chef, event manager, ..."

as we grow older, they want some serious answer.

and so here goes,we said:

"the hell with it, i dont know .. 0.0' " 

we will never know what lies ahead, what we can do is plan. so, now is the time to make mistake, change courses, experience , thats what life is all about. experience. 

later when people ask again what are going to be. we dont have to think, we already know. 

sounds familiar huh. haha

anyway, i agree 100% with what she said. when i was little i always wanted to be a pilot. even though i am only 158 cm but i always excited when it comes to airplane.

during high school, i change my mind from being a pilot to become an engineer. the scientific knowledge fascinates me. however, in engineering school, i began to realize that the field dosent suites me.

i am an outgoing person. i like to socialize, travel a lot especially, meet people, learn about the world. i know , in engineering, i couldnt possibly do the stuff i like. i hate physics and math. even though that its the most important subject in the world rite? but now, i know that i dont want to "have" to do something instead, i "want" to do something. life is a challenge i know that but the challenge is what you make of it. if you have to do something , the challenge that u'll face gonna be a lot diffrent from the challenge of wanting to do something. it will be a fun challenge that you always waiting for , because its what you want to do.

so for me, i wana make a final judgment. after i finish foundation next month, i want to find a way to realize my 1 and only dream from i was young. to TRAVEL. i like to see the world. experience is what im looking for. this will be my goal for 2011. dont be afraid to do whats right for you. find is to enjoy it, not to suffer.


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