Monday, January 24, 2011

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let the people say that im obsess about goin home so what! duh! who wana stay here in this shit-hole so far away from anything. 35 days and counting, gosh! i just can t wait to get home, i think ive gone crazy about it. im always tease people all the time, laughing nonstop. always jumpin around. i even talk and acually be friend with students i nvr even know was here. huh! wat the hell kan ? anyway, i have to admit that im gonna miss everybody here, especially my chemist tcer aka mentor aka 2nd mom aka mdm suhada, my english tcer, mdm rose the best and coolest tcer in kmkn , my classmate whom i hate and love at the same time haha, but i'll nver miss this college though, it will nvr be in my memory. just the people in it. haaah!,

35 dayssssss!


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