Monday, January 10, 2011

at Last !

hi evryone~~

it has been a few days since the last time i post. i've been very buzy lately with my kazen's wedding and boy it was superb. i'll remember the wedding till the day i die. it was very garden-ish and english style wedding. my kazen's dress was sooo AMAZING! it was the wedding of the decade thats for sure. hahaha, anyway now i am back in college , unfortunately. i miss home so much , despite all the troubles that my family are having rite now , i still miss my home. i just cant wait to wait till march . i cant wait get out of this "mud hole".

but, as usual , i miss my fren so much. i tot i could meet him in kl yesterday but i totally forgot that he is in ipoh and his next holiday is goin to be somewhere in the end of january i think. but i dont tink i can go home. i wanted to but ,,, i hope i can. it has been so long since the last time we've met and i actly wana say sory for taking his gf out without his permission. i know his mad at me, but he did'nt show it. i really wana make out with him .. ops! i mean make it up to him, after wht i've done. hahaha. till next post.


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