Monday, February 7, 2011

2 0 daYs ! !

oMg! can you believe it?? 

there is only 20 days left till i finish foundation. 
i thought that it was just yesterday i posted about 35 days of countdown and now theres is only 20 days left. 
i am just so excited now. i cant wait to finish my finals and go home and finally out of this god forsaken place hahaha!

despite im being free at home, im sure im gonna miss my fren especially fauzi. maybe i should go to ipoh for a few weeks hehe, i miss the night where is celebrate his bday. thanks to the pirates, you guys made it so much cooler. that night was a brief of his bday surprise . theres a lot more to come. he'll just have to wait till his bday then. hehe.

anway, i m so excited to finish the last 20 nights of my life here in kmkn. to those who think i m annoying or there is something wrong with me, i just wana say that watever it is you guys talk about me, 


im just being who i am, and if you dont like it fine just dont talk to me and dont talk behind my back . if you think that i m so wrong then what about you? you tink your so perfect ?

just a little something to tink about


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