Friday, April 1, 2011

it maDe me THINK!

there must be at least a moment in ur life where u pause for a while and start to think wat will happen in the future be given ur status quo. i for 1, am currently in that situation. 
i've been thinking about it all day rite from the moment i woke up till now and the fact that i've got no1 to tell makes me even eager to write it in my blog so that my famly and frens especially wancho, i know u r reading tis, u always do. ;) 
the question that i've been askin my self throughout da day is "wat if?" . 
what if , for those who know the situation that im in rite now, what if, its get worst?
what if, my dad, couldn't take it anymore?
what if, something happen to me dad?
could i step up to be the head of the famly as i should be?
i've been finding a way out of this and i notice that there r none. 
i could either, dont tink of it, which is damn F* impossible
solve it in any way that i can. 
ever since i realized my situation, i began to be more less communicative as i used to. 
i dont talk to people much, 
although i m in desperate need of some1 to talk to. 
i go out often by MYSELF. 
watching movies by myself, 
eating out by myself, 
shopping by myself, 
i found myself less attracted to people,
only those group of people that i can trust n known for some time that i talk to.
i listen to jazz musics without any logical explanation.
evrytin is because 

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