Tuesday, April 12, 2011

-no tiTle -

title-less post .
bekoz no word can simplify wat im about to story3 tonite. huhu

since it has been awhile so , there r actly plenty to talk about
im gona stick to the important 1 only.

whch is abt me 

recently, well not recently but last week,
i went shoppin at Celio my fav boutique

and, they invite me to a fashion show.
their brand launchin for exact. 
they told me that its the 1st tyme that they r hosting a fashion show 
anywhere in asia n the fact dat its in malaysia just make me proud to be malaysian hoho
so this thrusday, im goin to that fashion show at pavi center court ,7pm
to all my frens who dont hv invites, dont worry, u still can come and c it from outside the court. 

since i got the invite, i went shoppin for some spring n summer collection . i love spring , bkoz their fashion is just so relax n u dont hv to tink about it much. not like any other season where it almost took me 30 mnt to figure out what to wear evrday . 

but spring uh~
anytin could do. 
about my partner, im takin the famous ijat khabir, 
my high skol fren. 
i was goin to ask meor but since i have issue wit him 
there u go.

im tinking after tht fashion show, im goin to top hat koz its damn early to go home at 10pm rite so 
mind as well enjoy the nyte. 

( y do i keep sayin dat word)

huuurm wat next ,
owh yeah!
i met with some cute guys. 
this 1 guy aclty a boy, a 15 y.o boy
he is just so cute i cyesly couldnt take my eye off him. hes been workin part time at my place n thanks god! he  is placed under my care n guidance. 
he is damn cute he remind me of you leong. 
i really like the way he move. he got that X-factor on him . 
u know,he always running when he is workin. i mean, literally running 
i was like, "hey ah boi, hold ur horses, relax a bit, no rush, the guest arent goin anywhere"
hahaha so cute. 

soo lokin 4ward to c him again. 

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