Sunday, April 24, 2011

beR - anGan

Finally, I got a music player in my blog HAHA thanks to
Farien Damien , without whom, my blog would hv still be plane damn BOooorRIIING.
Anyway, I’ve been away for quite sometime. Actually bkoz I don’t know wat to update 2 u lots but now with the ever so fabulous Norah Jones playing in the background, I just felt I wana express something here about what I hv been tru tis past few days.

Ever since the fashion show, I just sat home n went to my Dr. appointment once a week. I thought that I would be damn bored at home but actually It kept me thinkin especially everynyte b4 I went 2 sleep. I think about tons of things , love, life , career to name a few. But most of the nyte I dono y but I kept tinkin about my love n career life.

Well we all know wat love is rite. Some say love is blind koz everybody fall in love wit some1 dat to us, they don’t deserve each other but hey , love works in a mysterious way so don’t bother figuring it out . Just enjoy it while it is still there. Anyway, what kept me wake up is the thought that I wana fall in love again. I tink It has been so long since I give some1 my love n I know it is time to gv it. I know how special my love is. Only some1 with a true heart may hv it n I tink I’ve found dat some1 but im kinda afraid to , u know, approach dye. Haha malu konon! Anyway, im still tinkin of giving out clues b4 I pop out da question which I tink is a good way otherwise if I just ask point blank “do u wana be my forever after?” uiiiish! Kejo giloo. So for now, im gona try my best to make sure dat 1 day , me n u together 4 eternity ;-)

*sigh . im 19 soon 20 , 21 , tick tock tick tock the clock is tickin and the graveyard is callin. Hahaha gile dowh! Soon I’ll have to work n earn a living. kawen ?  owhhh! Nonono not for me, I have tekad x nak kawen. But since I love children so im planning when I hv a luxurious living im gona adopt a baby boy whom I will love n care forever. Y baby boy? Simply bkoz sng jage n I want him to have evrytin dat I don’t hv during my zaman kanak2. Im gona make sure hes cute hot n hensem, lots of gurls or boys(u nvr know riiite hahaha) chasin after him. im gona send him to the best of school and give him dance lesson, music, evrytin he wants! Yes im gona spoil him bkoz i know dat my son will nvr betray me even if he is spoil. whatever hes decision ,I’ll support him all the way trough. I wana be the best father any1 could ever wish for. WAAAH! Besar cite2 kau !! hahahah graduate pon belom kaaan~!! Haha . Im gona buy a luxury 2 story apartment, or at least buy a house kat atas bukit yg overlooking kl AAawwwwwh~ wat a view!! Just me n my son , my maid n my butler. 

p/s : x salah ade cite2 besau kan ;) 

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