Sunday, April 24, 2011


sad, wana cry, down.
this is wat i felt when i was watching a youtube post in my cousin's fb page.

this short video clip is about the stages that exist in a relationship. i promise u that whoever yg tgk video ni yg pnh ade relationship for sure can relate to it someway. 

for me, i totally 1000% can relate to tis vid. its the same proses i've been tru when i was in high skol.
the saddest moment for me is when the guy read anniversary note from his gf but then he has already broke up. 
i still have a jurnal wich is soo dear to me. 
my most priceless possession.
much more priceless then my armani bags, gucci jackets, domanchi shoes
and any other stuff.
even if u give me 1 million $ i wouldnt gave it to u
simply bkoz it is a memory n u cant buy 
some1 memory could u?

after watching this vids i look back at the jurnal and read it again n 
i swear , no matter how much i've read it, i still lauf at the jokes dat he wrote.
it just amazed me how much dat he knew me. 
no matter how far we r after tiz, our memory will forever live. 

for those who r in a relationship rite now n r in stge 4 or 5,
please i beg u ! do something , wake up!! 
save ur relationship. 
u deserve it.


  1. The video does tug at our hugstrings at certain parts. Keep blogging! :)

  2. i know rite . im so moved by this vid.. thank you ;)