Monday, April 25, 2011

near fUture

my life as an adult & father ;D

Even though I might be 19 but having a vision of what I will do and what kind of life will I be living in the future is not something odd for some1 like me to be tinkin about. Ever since Im able to imagine I can’t stop imagining about my life after I graduate or during my work life.

My first goal is to have my own car well of course that is when I still living wit my parents. My dream car will be of course BMW. Who wouldn’t want a BMW rite but its only a dream car. My first car is goin to be the brand new civic. I love the aerodynamic of the car. A chrome blue-black coloured civic is da boom!

My second goal Is to buy either a luxury apartment high above the sky or at least a land property situated ontop of a hill that overlooking the kl city. i always love the scenery of a city during the nyte, I want to make sure dat if I were to have a landed property it must have a gym and a pool. But most importantly my house will have a super cool bar and the space will be huge enough to host a monthly weekend partay! Haha

My third goal is , since I have taken oath haha not to get married, so once I have a nice 6 figure income in my savings im gona adopt a little cute n handsome baby boy ;) why baby boy? Well simply because I am a boy and I know what the needs if a little young boy. He will have an undying love and care from me. he will go to the best of school, dance classes, music classes, martial arts and anything dat he want. I might spoil him yes, but I know he will love me as much as I love him koz he is my son ! ;) I want to name my son Daniel Zachery Amierul shabir hahaha panjang skit kot but I love Zachery . his frens will call him “Z” and that is soo cool. I will buy him his first car when he reach 18 along together with his 1st motorcycle if he want to. I wana see him going to the club in his dope ride haha. What a cool father I’ll be rite YEAH! 

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