Tuesday, March 1, 2011

its mY worSt nOightmare!!!!

Its not happening!
Its not happening!
Its not happening!!!!!!!!!

no wonder la paper physics today senang mcm makan kacang !!
it seems that ade udang sbalek mee udang! 
ok cite dye cam nie,
i was having my physics paper this morning and to my surprise the Q was not that hard. 
i answered it all with ease. 
then just as i tot that evryting gona be fine today, its not
me mom called n she was all happy n jolly at 1st then 
come the utterly bad news for me.
she said 
"along sory la ibu n baba tak boleh amik la khamis nie....."
i was like 
"hAh! y lah"
then she told me that rizqan n athyna are having their exam this week n angah got olahraga thingy, 
HUUUUAAaaaa! i wana go home. i dont wana stay here !
my mom told me that they can only pick me up on saturday 
paling lame pun hari jumaat budak2 lain da clear. x kan la kene tgu sni sampai sabtu. 
no matter how , i will go home on thursday.
note it!

but how yah? ;p

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